Custom Antibodies

Our team of Ph.D. scientists and veterinarians will work in partnership with you to develop a protocol and process that meets your timelines and needs. We maintain closed herds of horses, steer, llamas and goats on site and can acquire other species as necessary. Contact us to discuss your custom needs.

Points to Consider in Developing Custom Polyclonal Antibodies:

  • Select the appropriate donor species
  • Establish a high quality nutrition and animal care program
  • Chose the right antigen dose, route and frequency
  • Develop a timely titer testing program for refinement of antigen presentation
  • Employ a state of the art machine plasmapheresis system modified with proprietary technology
  • Design a plasma collection system that is capable of sustained plasma collection at 22 ml/kg for an indefinite time without compromising animal health or titer
  • The capability to initiate immunization and plasma collection in a rapid timeframe
  1. Quality system in place with SOPs and documentation
  2. Project specific SOP templates available for quick conversion to your project requirements
  3. Standing IACUC for quick protocol review
  4. Quality Assurance department that is familiar with the GMP requirements
  • The ability to determine clinical efficacy of the polyclonal antibody

Efficacy Studies

1. Staff veterinarians for the design and implementation of studies
2. Consultation services available with scientists at the Veterinary College at Cornell University, University of Georgia Veterinary School, University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry