Product Description

CriaGamm is for intravenous and intraperitoneal use in the treatment of fluid and protein loss in the camelid neonate.  For the average cria, a dose of 1 unit is suggested.  This is well tolerated by the cria and can be administered IV in 15-30 minutes.  An IgG concentration of >1000 mg/dl is considered adequate in neonatal camelids (Merk Manual).

CriaGamm antibody content is determined by SRID using an internal reference of 2,700 mg/dl.  Donor antibody titers range from 2,420 mg/dl to 2,970 mg/dl.  Unit size is 300ml +/- 10% to account for variability in donor antibody titers.

CriaGamm can also be used for fluid replacement therapy in adult camelids.

Ten year frozen shelf life.