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Antigen Select: Botulism A, B, & C Toxins

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Antigen Select Equine Plasma is used for replacement of fluids and at the discretion of the veterinarian. The plasma is collected from healthy horses recently immunized with the specified select antigen.
Antigen Select: Botulism A, B & C Toxins is produced following immunization with Clostridium Botulinum A, B and C Toxins.

Titer verification and effectiveness measured by Mouse Neutralization Assay Titers (75 – 125) IU/ml

Effectiveness demonstrated in a mouse model with a challenge dose of 1500 LD50’s of the appropriate botulina toxin.
This frozen product is available in 500 ml units.

Five Key Facts about Equine Botulism, Stephanie Ostrowski, DVM, CAHFS – Davis

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Survival of a Foal with Type A Botulism, J.S.W. Prutton, K.G. Magdesian, A.Plummer, D.C. Williams and M. Aleman, J Vet Internal Med 2016;30:675-678

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