Our History

Lake Immunogenics was founded in 1985. Animal health and ethical treatment are our passions. Our benchmark plasmapheresis process allows large volume production of polyclonal antibodies without compromising the donor animal. From initial offerings of custom polyclonal antibodies, the business expanded to the equine therapeutic market. RhodococcusEqui Antibody (Pneumomune-Re), Equine IgG (HiGamm – equi) and Plasmune plasma products for foal health are the cornerstones of our therapeutic products. Today, the facilities include research and development laboratories, production rooms with walk in freezer capacity and a 155 acre farm that is home to closed herds of horses, steer, llamas, and goats. Lake Immunogenics continues to provide custom polyclonal antibodies and is select agent registered with the CDC. Our veterinary therapeutics have expanded beyond equine products to include plasma products for camelids, bovine and goats. Lake Immunogenics also provides high quality animal blood products as starting material for further biologics manufacturing and for research and development. In 2011, Lake Immunogenics Inc. added large animal preclinical studies to our service offerings. In 2013 we began providing accredited housing for long term study animals. Bovine plasma was introduced in 2015.