How to administer plasma

From our staff Veterinarian Dr. Amy Ortez

Prior to administering plasma

  • Thaw the plasma. (See our thawing instructions on the Products page)
  • Collect a catheter and blood administration set. We recommend a blood administration set always be used.
  • Administering the plasma

  • Start with a physical exam.
  • Choose appropriate restraint – for foals, Madigan’s squeeze technique may be appropriate.
  • Aseptically place a catheter in jugular vein.
  • Using a filtered primary set, begin slowly administering plasma (thawed to optimal temperature).
  • Monitor patient’s heart and respiratory rate.  If there is not any tachypnea or tachycardia, the rate may be slowly increased to that which is tolerated by the patient.  If any tachypnea or tachycardia occurs, immediately slow down or stop the infusion until the vitals return to normal.  Once vital signs have returned to normal, the infusion may be reinitiated at the fastest rate tolerated by the patient.
  • The recommended time for infusion is 15-20 minutes.