Animal Blood Products

Lake Immunogenics is a USDA licensed facility. All our products are obtained from closed donor herds that receive regular veterinary inspection and care. Plasmapheresis is our collection technique, thus providing fully traceable consistent donor sources. For over 30 years we have focused on animal health. Our Veterinary Therapeutics Division supplies USDA licensed animal therapeutics.

Our high quality Animal Blood Products are used for:

  • Cell Culture
  • Research and Development
  • Starting Material for diagnostic or protein manufacturing

Custom material or volumes required? We can partner to meet your needs. Gender specific or designated donors available. Contact us at 800-648-9990

These products are being sold for Research and or Manufacturing purposes only. They are not to be used in humans or animals. The user of these products assumes all responsibility for its usage and disposal in accordance with all regulations.

Animal plasma products are processed from blood collected from closed and monitored donor herds. Plasmapheresis equipment, featuring a totally closed system is used to collect the plasma. Full donor traceability and quality certificate of analysis available.

Equine (50ml, 100ml or 500ml)

  • Plasma
  • Equine Plasma derived Serum - heat inactivated
  • Equine whole blood*
Camelid (50ml, 100ml or 500ml)
  • Plasma
  • Camelid Plasma derived Serum - heat inactivated
  • Camelid whole blood*
Goat (50ml, 100ml or 500ml)
  • Plasma
  • Goat Plasma derived Serum - heat inactivated
  • Goat whole blood*
* Anticoagulant : Na Citrate or customer request
* Other species available upon request

Quality Control Testing

Total Protein measured spectrophotometrically. Absence of Hemoglobin verified spectrophotometrically.

Microbiological Testing

Each lot of plasma is tested to confirm the absence of aerobic and / or anaerobic bacteria or fungal contamination using modified methods referenced in the U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP)

Storage and Handling

Plasma products are supplied in sterile bags with a hypodermic access port allowing for easy removal of precise amounts without risk of contamination. We recommend that the plasma be stored frozen at a temperature of -5C to -20C. Multiple freeze-thaw cycles of the plasma should be avoided to prevent deterioration of the product. For intermittent usage of the product, the plasma should be divided into smaller aliquots for single use. Always use aseptic techniques when handling the plasma.


Plasma is shipped frozen by UPS next day air in insulated containers.