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For over 25 years Lake Immunogenics has been the trusted leader in production of animal plasma products. We maintain the highest levels of product quality and animal care. Our staff of veterinarians and scientists provide collaboration, expert advice and world class customer service.

We provide comprehensive custom polyclonal antibody production services, licensed veterinary therapeutics, animal blood products for research and development and preclinical large animal studies.

Veterinary Therapeutics - We protect you, your horse and your foal with USDA licensed equine plasmas for treatment of Rhodococcus equi and Failure of Passive Transfer. We also provide camelid and goat plasma for protein supplementation.

Custom Polyclonal Antibodies - Choose from closed herds of horses, goats, or llamas and work with our technical and veterinary staff to produce your antibody of choice. Lake Immunogenics is Select Agent registered with CDC / APHIS.

Preclinical Large Animal Studies - Our staff of scientist and veterinarians will design and / or execute large animal model studies. Animal models available include; horses, cattle, sheep, goats, llamas and pigs. We work as study partners to deliver study objectives in a timely and cost effective manner. Lake Immunogenics, Inc. is AAALAC and OLAW accredited and holds a USDA Class R Research Facility license.

Animal Blood Products - Whole blood, plasma or platelet rich plasma obtained from our closed herds of horses, llamas, and goats are used for: cell culture, research and development, and starting material for diagnostic or biologics manufacturing.

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Be ready for Spring Foaling with Rhodococcus equi and HiGamm plasma.

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